Creature design WIP

General / 23 March 2018

I designed and sculpted this creature for my Creature Modeling and Sculpting class at Gnomon, taught by the super talented Jared Krichevsky. Then, I got the opportunity to attend the Aaron Sims Masterclass and decided to take my creature further with all the awesome knowledge they shared with us. We had an AI prompt to come up with a design, so I adapted my creature to fit in that world.

Big thanks to the awesome artists at Aaron Sims Creative for their feedback to improve on my design, and big thanks to Malcolm Moseley ( for helping me with the design and sculpting techniques!

Sculpted in ZBrush and rendered in keyshot. I then took the design further in Photoshop.

Please feel free to critique or comment on any ideas you may have to make this better!!! :)